Filoxenia: more than just hospitality

ANGELIKI filoxenia Greek traditions

When you travel in Greece--whether you are a tourist or local--you will experience Greece's filoxenia, the Greek word for hospitality. Flioxenia (φιλοξενία, fee-lohk-sen-YAH) literally translates to "love of strangers." It is a generosity of spirit, a joyful kind of the-best-of-what's-mine-is-yours attitude with which Greeks take great pride. It's what we always remember from our stays at the windmill villas atop Sifnos when the hotelier and his wife usher us for a quick coffee in the morning before we hit the beaches. Or when relatives bring over tins of feta, olive oil and fresh watermelon within the first few minutes upon arriving in the village.

Filoxenia is something we too, practice, with family, friends and visitors, in Greece and in the States - our diskos cafe tray is a classic and favorite piece for such occasions. Even when the electrician comes over to fix the water heater, he is always offered something. We've curated our travel section to feature new and old places to eat, stay and see because we want you to feel welcomed and connected to Greece when we are not there to do so ourselves. 




I grew up in Austin, Texas where I was first introduced to the colors of Mexican interiors and spent my summers in Greece where my yiayia taught me the holy trinity of Greek cooking: lemons, olive oil, and salt. After studying photography and environmental policy at Sewanee: The University of the South I earned my B.A. in 2009 and moved to Washington, DC to work on political and public advocacy campaigns for The Nature Conservancy where I learned about message development, strategic planning, and feasibility research. In 2014, after the birth of my daughter and in an effort to strengthen my Greek ties and resurrect my photography I launched an e-shop called, ANGELIKI, where I share my hand-picked selection of my favorite Greek designs.

My love for fonts, film, and finesse has always remained true throughout this journey. Today, I live in Atlanta, Georgia and and work full-time as a mother, photographer, website publisher and shop curator