The Lembesis Family

Sifnos is a small, hilly island in the Cyclades known for its churches (there are over 365 of them), its dry stone walls dividing the fields, and its traditional pottery dating back to antiquity. The Lembesis family includes 5 generations of potters and their studio is in a small village near the top of the island. Every February, the Lembesis family spends the whole month digging up enough clay to make pottery during the summer. The dug clay is carried by donkeys up the hill and dried in the sun. Nikos works alongside his father, Yiannis at the wheel producing the same ceramics that his father, and grandfather made. Katerina, Grigoris, Spyros, and Maria all paint designs on select ceramics.

Many traditional homes in Sifnos proudly display these traditional pottery pieces in cupboards or hung on the walls of rooms. This is the first time Lembesis pottery is available in the U.S.